Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot Edition #2 Examples using Maple and Matlab

Chapter 1

Example 1.4-1 The viscosity of CO2
Example 1.4-2 Viscosity of a gas mixture
Example 1.5-1 Viscosity of liquid benzene

Chapter 4

Example 4.1-1 Flow near a wall suddenly set in motion
Example 4.3-1 Potential Flow around a cylinder and another part

Section 4.4 Flow near Solid Surfaces by Boundary Layer Theory

Example 4.4-1 Boundary Layer "Theory" applied to flow near the Leading edge of a flat Plate
and another treatment
and one more.

Chapter 9

Example 9.1-1 Measurement of Thermal Conductivity
Example 9.2-1 Thermal Conductivity of ethane
Example 9.3-1 Thermal Conductivity of Ne at 1 atm
Example 9.3-2 Thermal Conductivity of Molecular Oxygen
Example 9.3-3 Thermal Conductivity of a Gas Mixture
Example 9..4-1 Thermal Conductivity of a Liquid

Chapter 10

Section 10.2 and an alternate procedure Conduction in a Cylinder with an Electrical Heat Source

Example 10.2-1 Finding the Voltage required for a Given Temperature Rise
Example 10.2-2 Heat Conduction in a Cylinder with an Electrical Heat Source and Newton's Law of Cooling

Section 10.3 Heat Conduction in a Sphere with a Nuclear Heat Source
Section 10.4 Heat Conduction with a Viscous Heat Source
Section 10.5 Heat Conduction with Chemical Heat Source

Part a Derivation of eq. 10.5-5
Part b Solving the Dimensionless equations
Part c Solving the Dimensionless equations for a simpler version of the problem

Section 10.6 Heat conduction through composite Walls

Example 10.6-1 Heat conduction through composite Cylindrical Walls

Section 10.7 Heat Conduction in a Cooling Fin and an alternate procedure: Converting the DE to dimensionless form before we solve it

Example 10.7-1 Error in Thermocouple Measurement

Section 10.8 Forced Convection
Section 10.9 Free Convection

 Chapter 11

Example 11.4-2. Tangential Flow in an Annulus with Viscous Heat Generation
Example 11.4-3: Part a: checking on the viscosity approximation: eq. 11.4-18
Example 11.4-3 for water comparing the approximation in eq. 11.4-19 to the more accurate expression for the viscosity.
Example 11.4-4 Transpiration Cooling
Example 11.4-5 Free Convection Heat Transfer From a Vertical Plate
Example 11.4-6 Adiabatic Frictionless Processes in an ideal Gas
Example 11.4-7 One Dimensional Compressible Flow
Example 11.4-7 One Dimensional Compressible Flow a second version

Chapter 12

Example 12.1-2 Heating of a Finite Slab: Part a Verfying eq. 12.1-31
Example 12.1-2 Heating of a Finite Slab: Part b using eq. 12.1-31
Example 12.4-1 Heat Transfer in forced convection Laminar Flow along a heated Flat Plate

 Chapter 17

Example 17.2-1 Using the Matlab function dcalc compared with eq. 17.2-1
Definitions of Terms in Table 17.7-1,2 and 17.8-1
Table 17.7-1 Notation for concentrations
Tables 17.7-2 and 17.8-1
Table 17.8-2 Different Forms of Fick's First Law in a Binary System

Chapter 18

Section 18.2 Diffusion through a Stagnant Gas Film

Example 18.2-2 Determination of Diffusivity
Example 18.2-3 Part a: Diffusion through a Spherical Film

Section 18.3 Diffusion with Heterogeneous Chemical Reaction

Example 18.3-1 Comparing the Solution from Maple with the Approximate Solution from the Text 

Section 18.4 Diffusion with Homogeneous Chemical Reaction
Section 18.5 Diffusion into a Falling Liquid Film: (Gas Absorption)
Section 18.7 Diffusion and Chemical Reaction inside a porous Catalyst: "The Effectiveness Factor"
Section 18.8 Diffusion in a Three-component System