Physics 112


Laboratory Information - Spring 2014

Lab schedule
Jan. 13: Electrostatic Phenomena
Jan. 20: Electrostatic report due Friday
Jan. 27: Electric Field Mapping
Feb. 3: Electric field report due Friday
Feb. 10: Deflection of Electrons
Feb. 17: Deflection report due Friday
Feb. 24: Ampere's Law
Mar. 3: Ampere's Law, continued; Midterm Recess
Mar. 10: Ampere's law report due Friday
Mar. 17: The Oscilloscope
Mar. 24: Oscilloscope report due Friday
Mar. 31: Electromagnetic Induction
Apr. 7: Induction report due Friday
Apr. 14: Simple Oscillators
Apr. 21: Oscillators report due Friday

Reports are due by 5 PM on the last Friday of the scheduled experiment period. Early submissions are always welcome, while late work will be penalized at the rate of 5 percentage points per day or fraction late. Reports will not be accepted more than 10 days after the due date or the first day of finals, whichever is earlier.

All experimental work is done in HRZ 221. You may obtain the entry combination from Dr. Dodds in HRZ 215.

Laboratory manual
The following items are in Adobe PDF format. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.
General Information and Schedule
Using Circuits, Signals and Instruments
Electrostatic Phenomena           Report Form
Electric Field Mapping           Report Form
Deflection of Electrons           Report Form
Ampere's Law           Report Form
The Oscilloscope           Report Form
Electromagnetic Induction           Report Form
Simple Oscillators           Report Form

Updated January 4, 2014