Supplemental Notes for Economics 480

Environmental Economics
Spring 2007


List of Supplemental Notes

  1. Property Rights and Common Property Resources.
  1. Externalities and Public Policy
  2. Institutions and the Control of Air Pollution.
  3. Property Rules versus Liability Rules.
  4. The Internalization of Externality.
  5. Environmental Regulation An Evolutionary Approach.
  6. Notes on Evaluation of Sulphur Dioxide Trading Based on Schmalensee et. al.
  7. Final Comments on Sulfur Dioxide
  8. Notes on the Double Dividend.
  9. Summary of Environmental Policy since earth Day.
  10.  Management of Risks.
  11.  Breyer.
  12. Lecture on Toxic Substances.
  13.  Sunstein on Benefit-Cost Analysis and Risk.
  14.  Environmental Impacts of a North American Free Trade Agreement.
  15.  Environmental Regulations and the Competiveness of U.S. Industry.
  16.  International Trade and the Environment.
  17.  Notes on Population and Environment.
  18.  Limits to Growth.
  19.  Move on Limits to Growth and Population Growth.
  20.  The Environmental Kuznets Curve.
  21.  Notes on Energy.
  22.  Nordhaus on the Impacts of Climate Change.
  23.  Global Warming Once Again.
  24. Disounting the Future
  25. Review, Spring 2007
  26. Water Pollution
  27. Copeland and Taylor
  28. Review Questions - Sping 2004