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The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 402 course covers in some detail all of the chapters in Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot on Energy Transport. It reviews briefly momentum transport and covers selected topics on Mass Transport. These web pages include many examples from the text: Transport Phenomena worked out in Maple to show details omitted in the text. More recent versions of the Maple sessions are stored in the files in the maple directory of chbe402.

The notes also include examples of the use of Matlab programs that enable the user to estimate transport properties of light gases and liquids from data stored in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 301 data files. The syllabus for 402 includes a tentative schedule for the course in the Spring, 2006 semester. A set of links to sites at Rice and other places that give additional information about transport phenomena and the use of the World Wide Web is provided.

Errata list from the authors may be found at: BSL Errata This is R. B. Bird's home page. Go to books and then look for a link to Corregenda.


Index for material by Dr. Hirasaki: Notes on Porous media

the pdf file in pdf file on permeability

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These notes originated as a Chemical Engineering 500 project by Rui Song in the Spring, 1997 semester. They were extensively modified by the instuctor and students in Chbe 402 during the semesters from 1998 to 2005.