Ceng 402 Syllabus & Tentative Schedule


Spring, 2006


S. H. Davis, Office: AL B238, id: shdavis@rice.edu, Phone: 713-348-3536

George Hirasaki, Office: AL B245, id: gjh@rice.edu, Phone: 713-348-5416

Teaching Assistants:

Ruiqiang Sun, Office AL B231, id: rs4326@rice.edu, Phone: 713-348-2800

Mark Pond, id: markpond@rice.edu

Web site for Chbe 402: http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~chbe402

Class meets from 11 to 11:50AM in DH 1046 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Homework help session on Thursdays from 7PM to 9PM in AL B209.

Text: Bird, Stewart, Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena Second Edition

The web pages for this course were first set up as a Chbe 500 project by Rui Song in the Spring, 1997 semester. They have been updated and topics added by the instructor and students since then. Suggestions about changes are welcomed. Send them to the instructor preferably by e-mail. Note that the first edition of Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot was used in preparing the first version of the notes. The second edition was first adopted in the Spring, 2002. The major change required to use previous material is the addition of a chapter in the part of the text on momentum balances. Thus both the sections on energy and on mass transfer have chapter numbers that are now one greater than they were in the first edition.

The course grade will be determined by:

G = 0.2HW + 0.3MT + 0.4F + P

where HW stands for the average homework grade, MT stands for the mid term grade and F stands for the final examination grade. P is the grade earned on a project that will contribute to the further development of these notes. The Mid Term and Final exams will be open book and computer usage is encouraged. A nominal good grade on the project is 10 points, but exceptional work could earn more.

Students should register for the course on Owlnet by:

servnm%register chbe402

This will allow you to see messages of the day for the course and to have access to Matlab programs in ~chbe402/matlab as well as both Matlab and FORTRAN programs used in Chbe301. Students should log into their accounts at least twice a week to make sure they see the message of the day for the course.

The Matlab programs developed for this course are stored in the directory:


Maple sessions were used to create most of the examples shown in these notes. The latest version of Maple directly produces html files with gifs of the output from commands. The Maple code used to create the notes are stored as mw (Maple 9 Work Sheet) files in the directory:


Note that the output from most of the intermediate steps used in the Maple sessions are not shown in these notes. In order to see the output from all the commands you must load the commands into a Maple session (preferably in a Maple 9 session) and execute them there. The Maple sessions that have been updated are now stored in subdirectories that specify the chapter number. Thus the sessions that now show how to work the examples in the first chapter on energy transport may be found in:


Homework assignments will be posted in the web pages under Assignments. They will be assigned most weeks on either Monday or Wednesday and due a week later. The first assignment will be found on line as Assignment_1.

The project that is a required part of the course will work out new examples in the second edition and/or examples that have been modified significantly. Students may choose to work with one other member of the class or as an individual effort.

Grades for the course will be stored in the file:


Any student with a disability requiring accommodations in this class is encouraged to contact me after class or during office hours. Additionally, students should contact the Disabled Student Services office in the Ley Center.


Chapter(s) in Text
402 Web Pages
Week(s) Beginning
1 and 9
Syllabus and Matlab Transport Programs for mu and k.

Examples for Chapter 1
Examples for Chapter 9

Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity
Use of the Web Pages for 402 as well as 301 and 303 Matlab Transport Programs for : mu and k
Examples for Chapter 10
1/17, 1/23
Shell energy Balances
MLK Day 1/16
Examples for Chapter 11
Non isothermal Equations of Change
Examples for Chapter 17
Matlab Transport Program for: DAB,
Examples for Chapter 18
2/13, 2/20
Shell Mass Balances
Projects on mass and energy transport discussed
Examples for Chapter 19
Multicomponent Equations of Change
Mid Term Exam given out on 2/27

Examples for Chapter 12
Energy Transport with 2 independent variables: Boundary Layer Theory in Energy Transport
Mid Term Recess 3/13-17

Mid Term Exam returned on 3/06

Transport in porous Media
Examples for Chapter 20
Mass Transport with 2 independent variables: Boundary Layer Theory in Mass transport
Projects on mass transport discussed
Examples for Chapter 14
Interphase Energy Transport
Spring Recess 4/6-7
Examples for Chapter 16
Non isothermal Macroscopic Balances
Examples for Chapter 22
Interphase Transport in Multicomponent Systems
Project Presentations
Last day of Classes 4/27