Index of Ceng 402 Projects in 2004


Transcapillary Diffusion of Oxygen by Scott Selinger

Unit Converter by Valentin Prieto and Daniel Trahan

Chapter 9 Thermal Conductivity

Matlab Progam to Determine Thermal Conductivies of Gases, Liquids and Solids by Laura Hall and Jon Surratt

Thermal Conductivity by Ryan Dunnavant and Mollie Finley

Chapter 11 The Equations of Change for Nonisothermal Systems

Section 11.5 Dimensional Analysis of the Equations of Change by Seth Neumuller

Chapter 17 Diffusivity and the Mechanism of Mass Transport

Schmidt Numbers for Gases and Liquids by Cris Hussar and Margot Hermann

Theory of Diffusion by Chapman McDaniel and Venmathy Rajarathinam

Chapter 19 Equations of Change for Multicomponent Systems

Definition of Partial molal Enthalpy by Karen Alexander

Problem 19.4-2 Concentration Profile in a Tubular Reactor by Mike Lyons