Index of Ceng 402 Projects in 2005


Maple Topics for Ceng 303 by Scott Esterholm and Mark Pond
Scaling Parameters in dimensionless variables such as in first problem on assignment #5 by Heather Dunsheath and Melinda Duplan

Liquid Diffusivities and the Lewis Number by Maria Jauregui and Yan-Xin Li

Example 22.3-2 by Nastassja Lewinski and Elyse Walker

Sulfur Dioxide Converter by David Kelvin and Elaine Louie

Modify start301 to determine Peclet Number by Jigar Bhakta and Neeraj Dani
Gr Number by Prashant Setty

Example 23.5-3 by Miguel Maldonado

Chapter 14 Section 4 by Marc Esplin and Lynh Jones

Convert start301 to run as web page by Bruce Eng and Kristin Youngless

Calculating Diffusivity by Melissa King and Jesus Robles

Matlab Program to determine Gr by William Hoy and Taryn Roos