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Cain Project Support Materials for COMP 482 - Fall 2007

The Cain Project supports development and implementation of the group project (analysis of algorithms and data structures) in this course.


View the Assignment Description.
  Word Doc | PDF File

View A Guide to Writing a Successful Paper on an analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures.
  Word Doc | PDF File

View the Grading Form for the Draft and Final Report.
  Word Doc | PDF File

View the Peer Evaluation Form.
  Word Doc | PDF File

Common Problems in Interpreting and Graphing Data
  View this site to see some common problems students have had interpreting and graphing data.

Advice on Displaying Data in Written Documents
  Word Doc | PDF File

COMP 482 Figure Bestiary
  The sheer volume of data dealt with in this assignment challenges you to find ways to help readers digest it. Your skill at presenting data influences your grade as much as your ability to run the algorithm comparisons or write the report.

Here are some general tips on working with figures in written documents such as this report. We have also assembled what we affectionately refer to as the COMP 482 Figure Bestiary, which contains examples from real student papers.

How to Read a Scientific Article
This article provide information on the structure and logic of scientific papers.

  Word Doc | PDF File

Course Website

Additional Resources
  Writing for Computer Science, by Justin Zobel, 2e, Springer.

Course Instructor: Dr. John Greiner
Email: greiner@cs.rice.edu
Cain Project Contact: Deborah Ausman
Email: auswoman@rice.edu



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