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About the Cain Project

The Cain Project was created through a generous, ten-year gift from the Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation. Its mission was to prepare students to lead through excellence in communication. As engineers and scientists, Rice graduates face new challenges because of the revolution in communication and information technologies, the globalization of business, and increased emphasis on teamwork and accountability. The resources developed by the Cain Project enables faculty in the schools of natural sciences and engineering at Rice University to equip students for articulate, persuasive communication.

The Project ends in June 2008. During the academic year 2007-2008 the staff’s efforts are focused on editing and production of PowerPoint files, guides, checklists, and other materials to support faculty and students. Workshops and in-class presentations previously offered are not being conducted this year. Research and other development projects are being completed, offered for publication, and presented at conferences in the US and abroad.

The Project team is immensely grateful to Gordon and Mary Cain for their visionary gift that has made the Project possible. They appreciate the generous gifts of Carolyn Jackson and other members of the graduating classes of the 1940s. They also thank their faculty colleagues, student writing mentors and presentation coaches, visiting faculty, and administrators who made the program successful and noted nationwide.

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