Biomedical Engineering for Global Health

2006 Notes From Home

Week Subject
Week 1 Websites I Never Thought Would Be On My Favorites List
Week 2 My Big List of Everything That is Freaking Me Out
Week 3 Four Easy Steps to Extra Credit For Exam 2
Week 4 That Family is Going Down
Week 5 April is the Cruelest Month
Week 6 Dr. RRK's New Persona
Week 7 Biggie Rat is Doing the Happy Dance
Week 8 My Proudest Moment as an Educator
Week 9

Holy Accommodation, Batman!  Guess Who Needs Bifocals?


The Most Humiliating Mom ent of Dr. RRK’s Career


The Coolest Person at Rice University

Week 10 Truth Found: BIOE 301 Has Fun with Diet Coke & Mentos

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