Moving to Houston, leaving behind good friends and neighbors, our kids’ teachers, our wonderful pediatrician has left me feeling a little lost.  In Austin, colleagues at work saw me as the scientist who spent a bit too much time with her kids; neighbors saw me as the mom who spent a bit too much time at her computer.  It was a comfortable routine. 


As much as I love my new home, it’s hard being the new person at every meeting – watching everyone form their opinion of you.  So, I’ve decided to take control of the situation and give myself a new persona.  A nickname really, but a persona sounds so much cooler.  I considered many alternatives.  I have a colleague who is known as The Dragonlady of New Mexico, a really excellent persona.  Too bad it’s already taken.


After much thought I’ve decided my new persona is… Biggie Rat. 


As in:


“Oh no, I’ve got a meeting with Biggie Rat later today!”


As in:


“Have you started the new problem set for Biggie Rat’s class yet?  It’s really hard.”


As in:


“Watch out for Biggie Rat!”


As in, next year the backs of the t-shirts will say:


“Biggie Rat Blinded Me With Science.”