Holy Accommodation, Batman!Guess who needs bifocals?


Getting older really stinks.While you have been working hard on the BIOE 301 exam, Iíve been away at a conference at the NIH.I learned some fascinating things about the realities of deploying point of care technologies in developing countries which I will share with you in class on Thursday. But the big thing I learned, sitting in the back of the lecture hall trying to focus back and forth between my notepad and the screen up front, was that I need bifocals.I was feeling really bad about this all the way home.How can I possibly be so old that I need bifocals?When my plane landed, I decided to call my dad and commiserate.


Me:Dad, I feel so old.How can this be possible?

My Dad:There are worse things in life than needing bifocals.

Me: Youíre right. I could be so old that my children need bifocals.


Talking to my dad always cheers me up.


And now for some actually useful advice.Are you thinking of applying for some high profile scholarships or fellowships?Well, one of the coolest people at Rice University, Mauro de Lorenzo, has organized some really great help sessions to advise you through the process (see the invitation below).If you havenít heard Mauro talk, you should come because he is just so interesting. BUT as added incentive, Dr. RRK is serving on the science and engineering panel and she will share THE MOST HUMILIATING MOMENT OF HER ENTIRE CAREER as part of the panel.Oh, yeah!





Study Abroad Scholarships: Monday, April 17th, 7pm, Miner Lounge

Rhodes, Marshall, Truman: Tuesday, April 18th, 7pm, Duncan 1046

Science and Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships: Monday, April 24th, 7pm, Duncan 1064 (a different room)


There are opportunities here for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as for students who will have graduated (most awards are still open to you). You'll learn from previous winners and selection committee members what it takes to be competitive and what the applications entail. Bring your friends and neighbors. If you can't make it, but are interested, make an appointment to speak with Mauro (mdl@rice.edu), or just drop into his office in RMC Cloisters.