Design Class HYSYS Pages


These Pages were designed to be used in conjunction with the HYSYS manuals. It is recommended that you work through them in the following order. Start by reading the Introduction to HYSYS. Then, before looking at the other pages, work through the Quick Start example in the Getting Started Manual** and at least one of the tutorials in the Tutorials Manual (I recommend the first and third. Those are Gas Processing and Chemicals). The rest of my pages assume you possess certain basic information that is best taught by the tutorials.

**Note that the qstartss.hsc file mentioned in the Getting Started Manual is not located where the manual says. My introduction explains how you may get to it.


Introduction to HYSYS

Reactions and Reactors

Logical Units

Tools and Tricks

Assorted Tips

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Design Class HYSYS Pages written by
Alexander H. Penn 8/28/98