NSCI 121:
Writing Professionally in Natural Sciences
  1. 2 credit hours
  2. Short writing assignments
  3. Interactive class sessions
  4. No lab meetings
  5. No exams
  6. No pre- or co-requisites
WHEN and where
Days: Mon & Wed
Time: 2-2:50 p.m.
Location: Keck 107
Dr. Elizabeth Eich:
Dr. Mary Purugganan:
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An Introduction to Scientific Writing
Communication is an essential element of scientific progress. Data entered in lab notebooks are converted into written arguments that must be clearly understood by the reader to establish credibility of the research. In most university laboratory courses, the importance of writing is evidenced by the substantial contribution of lab reports to the overall course grade. NSCI 121  gives students the opportunity to gain skills necessary for professional scientific writing, such as that done in laboratory and seminar courses at Rice, without time-intensive lab sessions. The course includes ways to avoid common errors observed in student research papers. Short writing assignments and in-class interactive workshop sessions provide experience writing and editing for a scientific audience.

Last Updated August 6, 2007