Introductory Synthetic Biology Assignments and Grading

BIOC 313 is an ADVANCED laboratory course and requires greater independence than BIOC 211. The experimental procedures may be less demanding than those you performed in BIOC 211, and you write just one short paper rather than three full-length research papers. HOWEVER, just because the experiments may be more "cookbook" does not mean the lab requires less effort. I place a greater emphasis on analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data; if you keep a "sloppy" notebook and slap a proposal together at the last minute without really understanding "why" you did a procedure and "what" the results mean, you will be disappointed with your final grade.

Remember, the undergraduate program is a series of steps. Keep in mind that a level of performance that would result in a B/B+ or sometimes even an A at the introductory level, does not (and should not) translate into a high grade at the advanced level.
We forgive a lot of mistakes early on but you must recall the lessons learned from these mistakes when you conduct similar work at an advanced level. Additionally, the criteria we use to evaluate your performance in an advanced laboratory course are different from those we use in an introductory course.

"Fairness" in this course means everyone is evaluated on the same criteria.
Since everyone does not have the same ability, everyone does not get the same grade; this outcome is not "unfair" but rather is simply reality.