BIOC 313 Notebook Checklist

SPECIAL NOTE: Record enough procedure details in your notebook during each day of lab so that you can repeat these procedures using your notebook as the PRIMARY resource (i.e., you should not use printed web pages or handouts from previous labs). Store additional data (e.g., gel pictures, Excel spreadsheets, and graphs) in your 313 folder (do not tape them into your lab notebook); refer to them in your lab notebook and indicate the names of electronic files.

Page construction (5 pts)
page numbers (consecutive/no pages missing)
date (all/correct format)
"continued from/on page #"

Maintenance (5 pts)
absence of blank pages
appropriate corrections
initial/date/time at end of each entry
table of contents (appropriate detail)

Objectives / Summary (5 pts)

Notes during experiment (5 pts)
procedures = WHO/WHAT/HOW??
instrument used/settings
samples: labels, storage location/conditions
problems encountered / mistakes

Raw Data (5 pts)
instrument readings
electrophoresis results
transformation results
folder/binder for "loose" data

Analysis / Conclusions (5 pts)
Fundamental DNA Assembly: were you successful?

Project: DNA Assembly and Testing


Total score:

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Updated 20 September 2014