Introduction to Microarray Technology
for the Analysis of Gene Expression

Advanced Experimental Molecular Biology

You must come to lab prepared--this requires you to read the experimental protocols, not just print a copy of them. Bring whatever information you need to perform the experiments. The procedures for each day are available here and you will be given any additional information in the pre-lab lectures.

Day 1: Mon., 10 March

Lecture Topics

Experimental Procedures

Background on Microarrays

Reverse transcription of RNA

Course Introduction

Sample loading of coverslips

Preparation of cDNA

Day 2: Wed., 12 March

Lecture Topics

Experimental Procedures

Our Microarrays

Pre-hyb/Hyb of cDNA

cDNA Hybridization

GenePix Tutorial

3DNA Labeling

NOTE: You will have to come in between 9-11 am the NEXT day to perform post cDNA hybridization washes and
set up the 3DNA hybridization; you will have to come back in the afternoon to perform post 3DNA hybridization washes.

Day 3: Mon., 17 March

Lecture Topics

Experimental Procedures

GenePix Software

GenePix Tutorial

Scanning Chips

Scan your chip

Image Analysis

Image Analysis

Day 4: Wed., 19 March

Cain Project Presentation

OPEN: 20-21, 24-28, 31 March; 1-4 April

Sign up for computer time.

Presentation Rehearsals: Mon., 31 March or Wed., 2 April

1-3 p.m. or 1-2 p.m., Biology 211 Conference Room

Presentation: Wed., 9 April

1-4 p.m., Biology 211 Conference Room

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