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BIOE 301 - Bioengineering and World Health

Course Syllabus

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Course Description:

This course provides an overview of contemporary technological advances to improve human health. We will consider four questions throughout the semester:

(1) What are the problems in healthcare today?
(2) Who pays to solve problems in healthcare?
(3) How can we use science and technology to solve healthcare problems?
(4) Once developed, how do new healthcare technologies move from the lab to the bedside?

We will compare and contrast answers to these questions throughout the developed and developing worlds. We will also consider legal and ethical issues associated with developing new medical technologies. During the semester, we will use case studies to examine a number of diseases and healthcare technologies. The course stresses active learning with many web-based and group activities. Students will choose a disease and a health technology they are interested in to examine in more detail.

This course satisfies the Group 3 Distribution Requirement

Pre-Requisites: None

Meeting Times and Location: T TH 9:25-10:40 KH 100

Course Web Site:
On Owlspace: https://owlspace-ccm.rice.edu/portal

Course Instructors:

Lead Instructor

Dr. Rebecca Richards-Kortum


Team Teachers (graduate students and postdocs)


Office Hours: Mon 9-12 KH 244


Teaching Assistants:

Noah Bedard: noah.bedard@rice.edu

KH 226 Mon/Tue 11-12:30

Emily Day: Emily.S.Day@rice.edu

GRB W201 Wed 9-10:30 / Thu 1-2:30


Rice University | Department of Bioengineering
Funded by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute