CHBE 301

Homework Format

2005 (tentative) 7/20/05


  • Homework assigned weekly by Friday. Due 1 p.m. following Friday.
  • Assignments found on computer. ~chbe301/hw/an
  • For first homework:
    • more ~chbe301/hw/a1 prints out on screen
    • lpr ~chbe301/hw/a1 prints to line printer
  • Laser printers:
    • lprloc states location of printers and printernames
    • lpr -P.... ~chbe301/hw/a1 where .... gives the printer name
    • lpq -P.... Lists jobs on queue for printer ....
    • lprm used to remove print job
  • Solutions to assignments found on computer at ~chbe301/hw/sn
  • You may talk to other students regarding the homework. HOWEVER, you write and solve your own homework. If you do any part of your solution on the computer network: owlnet, you must store your results in your protected chbe301 directory.
  • One "free" extension per student, per semester, of length less than one week; instructor must be e-mailed in advance of homework due date. Illnesses with doctor's slip, death or serious illness in family, etc. are not counted under the free extension.
  • Hand in Homework in class or in Ceng office: Al B216

Format for homework

  1. Rewrite problem statement in your own words (helps to organize thoughts.)
  2. Present solution.
    1. --- Draw Flow Diagram
    2. --- Draw information on Flow Diagram
    3. --- Write down known relationships
    4. --- Make use of Tables for flow rates, etc.


    Box Answers. Use tables if needed.

  4. Write on one side of the paper only; If computer work, it must be stored in your chbe301 directory so other students may not see it. You should print it out and box, write on computer paper. SHOW YOUR WORK! BE NEAT!
  5. Staple left-hand corner.
  6. Fold in half lengthwise
  7. Write Name, Instructor, Assignment, and Date on the outside. 

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