CENG 301 Introduction & Schedule

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0.1 Introduction

Course Instructors 1999:
	S. H. Davis    		  Office: AL B232
	Phone: 713-527-8101x3536   userid: shdavis@rice.edu
     K. Zygourakis              Office: AL B216
     Phone: 713-285-5208        userid: kyzy@rice.edu
Texts:	I	G. V. Reklaitis, Introduction to Material & Energy Balances.
	      II    S. H. Davis & J. V. Shanks, Chemical Engineering Fundamentals:
                Notes;  Fall, 1999 Edition 
		(located on-line at http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~ceng301)

Homework will be assigned regularly by Friday of most weeks (10 HW assignments total). The assignment may be found by looking at or listing the file:

~ceng301/hw/an where n is the assignment number.

Each homework is due on the Friday (1 pm) after it is assigned. Please turn hw in during class or in the Ceng301 mailbox in the mailbox for Ceng 301 outside of Dr. Chapman's (AL B228) office.

Grading Policy

There are two quizzes and a final. In all three, you will be allowed to use your texts, class notes and any other hand copied notes you deem helpful. All are take home exams so that a computer may be used during the exam. There is also a project, which will involve library searches, report, and a presentation. The 9th and 10th homeworks in the class will be related to the project topic, and project groups will be allowed to work together on homeworks #9 and #10.

Some messages will be posted in the Owlnews: ceng301 Bulletin Board. Look for these messages to correct errors in assignments and other course news. Short messages for both Ceng 301 and Ceng 303 will be displayed in the Message of the Day for the course.

Course Grade: = 0.2 HW + 0.4 (Quiz Average) + 0.1 Project + 0.3 Final

All grades are stored in the file:

~ceng301/grade/record and may be seen by listing the file.

Student names are replaced by id numbers in this file.

Occasional sessions or labbie hours will be held to assist students in the use of Owlnet, Unix, X-Windows, and MATLAB for this course. These are topics that are now covered in some detail in Ceng 303 and CAAM 211. The sessions will primarily be used to acquaint you with the MATLAB and Maple programs written for this course.

Any student with a disability requiring accommodations in this class is encouraged to contact the instructor after class or during office hours. Additionally, students should contact the Coordinator for Disabled Student Services in the RMC Cloisters.

If you have any questions about any parts of this course, including all assignments and exams: ask the instructor, or labbies. You are encouraged to do this by visits during office hours and electronically. You may send messages to the instructors to their userids via the Owlnet mail system: shdavis@rice.edu and kyzy@rice.edu. If you do not know how to do this, attend one of the Owlnet labbie sessions to see a demonstration.

Before using the Owlnet system for work on problems in this course, you should type in any xterm window the following:

wsname% register ceng301

You need to do this only once. In addition to then having access to the programs used in the course, you will also see the message of the day when you log into Owlnet. If you decide that you do not want your environment to include that of ceng301, type:

wsname% drop ceng301

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