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Printing Posters at Rice

Mudd Building Printer

You can print to the Mudd Building printers from your own computer on campus or from the Mudd Building Lab.

For information on printing at the Mudd building, you can visit their web site at:
(viewed best with Netscape)
This web site contains documentation on many aspects of layout and printing to the plotters.

If you are using a Mac with OS X, visit https://www.owlnet.rice.edu/owlmac/ and select the "Adding the Printer in OS X" link for instructions on how to add the plotter printer to your system.

HINT: Make sure that the paper and printing settings are correct in the Page Setup before printing.

In an application on a Mac with OS X, you choose File, Page Setup, and then select the Options button. In the Options window, use the pull down menu next to Format for: to select the plotter. Next, select your paper size.


  • The Mud plotter can only print posters up to 36" wide.
  • When printing at Mud, you will have to select the 36" X 60" paper size, (even if your poster is 36" X 36" or 36" by 48")
  • When designing your poster, don't put color all the way to the edge of the paper, becuase the printers can not print all the way to the edge of the paper. It is best to leave at least an inch of white space all the way around the edge of your template.

The printing costs ($3.00 per linear foot) will be charged to your Owlnet account. A 3-foot by 5-foot job will cost about $15.00.

Geology Building Plotter

There are two 54" HP DesignJet 3500CP color inkjet plotters in room 304 on the third floor of the Geology building.

You have to go there physically to print. This is a self service facilty.

For more detailed information, including information about formatting and software availability, please visit:

1. There are three computers to print from, two with Window operating system, one with Mac OS operating system. Each computer has USB ports for data storage drives (e.g. flash drives) and a CD ROM drive. They are both networked and have FTP clients so that you can transfer your files from public FTP servers.

2. Paper sizes: There are four sizes of paper to choose from : 36", 42", 48", 54". The paper comes in rolls. There is a poster on the wall that shows how to load the rolls on the printer.

3. There are three types of pare to choose from: Coated (Normal Paper), Heavy Coated (Thick Paper), Photo Glossy
 The printing price varies depending on which paper you select.

4. The contact person in Earth Science is:

Frank A. Madero, Sr. IT Support Specialist
EarthScience, MS126
Phone: 713-348-2522
email: fmadero@rice.edu

5. Make sure that the paper and printing settings are correct in the Page Setup before printing.

For example: if you want to print on a 36"high by 48" wide poster, select 35" high and 47" wide in the Page Setup of your printer (choose width and height 1" smaller than the size of the poster you really want).

6. Printing Costs

Media Type       
Class   Cost/sqaure foot
Coated 1 $0.90
2 $1.20
3 $1.50
Heavy Coated   1 $1.20
2 $1.60
3 $2.00
Photo Glossy   1 $1.80
2 $2.60
3 &3.40

Class 1 - text
Class 2 - text and graphics(most people)
Class 3 - text and lots of graphics.


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