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LPD Workshop Sessions
Workshop Topics
LPD Workshops to be offered Spring 2007
Leadership and Professional Development
for Graduate Students

As Rice graduate students, you play an important role in advancing the university’s research mission and in supporting undergraduate instruction. The Cain Project’s Leadership and Professional Development (LPD) workshop series prepares you for professional roles as academic researchers, teachers, and future industry leaders. Your participation in LPD skill-building workshops will enable you to

    Polish your written, oral, and visual communication skills
    Teach more efficiently and effectively
    Interact with graduate students, alumni, and industry affiliates
    Reach your professional goals.

LPD Workshop Sessions
Each workshop features mini-lectures and small group activities in which you apply what you have learned, assess your performance, and receive feedback from Cain Project instructors and coaches, other faculty, or industry affiliates.

Workshop Topics

Written Communication   Visual Communication

Literature review
MS/PhD proposal
Thesis management
Grant proposal
Business communication
Job market materials

  Slide design
Data presentation
Poster design
Professional portfolio development
Pedagogy & Professionalism   Oral Communication

Setting professional goals
Designing assignments
Evaluating student writing
Evaluating oral presentations
Teaching teamwork
Constructing a teaching portfolio
Exploring ethical issues
Analyzing journal articles

Conference & seminar presentations
Lab lectures & chalk talks
Thesis defense
Business plan presentations

LPD Workshops Offered Spring 2007


Poster Design II
Friday, April 13   3:00 - 5:00 pm
Abercrombie B109
This workshop introduces the decision process of integrating poster design elements and techniques for focusing attention, creating a color palette, and checking the logic of the poster content. Participants practice presenting complex elements of their posters with process descriptions, summaries, and explanations of visual evidence.

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Assigning and Evaluating Writing
Friday, April 20  3:00 - 5:00 pm
Abercrombie B109
This workshop helps teachers develop and assess writing assignments. Participants will discuss rationales for using writing, elements of effective assignments for both short and long writing, uses of OwlSpace for writing, and designs of assessment rubrics. Participants will create an assignment and assessment strategy for their course.

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Writing a Paper for Publication
Friday, March 16th   3:00 - 5:00 pm
HUMA 119
(Limited to 20 graduate students or post-docs in science or engineering)

In this workshop we will analyze the organization, writing style, and contents of a well written short sample paper that has already been published.  We will identify the answers to the Seven Key Questions in the abstract, body, and conclusion of the paper.  We will also discuss techniques used to provide clarity and effective transitions.

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Data Display: Effectively Present Your Research Findings
Friday, March 23   10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Abercrombie B109

This workshop shows participants how to design
professional-quality figures and tables that will
showcase their research results.

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Poster Design I
Friday, March 30   3:00 - 5:00 pm
Abercrombie B109
This workshop introduces the process of designing a poster plus guidelines to follow in meeting the requirements of a specific session. Participants work in groups to evaluate posters and to create a poster using elements such as a data set, graph, diagram, illustration, and text.

Registration for this workshop is closed.


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