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Instructions to Authors

***Adapted for BIOC 311 from Protein Expression & Purification***

You are submitting a manuscript for publication in the Journal of Experimental Biosciences; Dr. Beason is the Editor-in-Chief. It is a condition of publication that manuscripts must be written in clear, grammatical English (see McMillan, pp. 126-160 (3rd ed.) or 167-205 (4th ed.)). Your drafts as well as your final paper are expected to conform to the following specifications. Submit all work in its final form (i.e., NOT handwritten, on a computer disk, as an attachment, or in an e-mail message)--ONLY printed documents will be accepted except in special circumstances that must be approved by me in advance of the due date.

Please review my grading criteria and rubric for the final paper.

Style and Organization

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Additional Guidelines for Tables and Figures

Tables (also see McMillan, pp. 30-50 (3rd ed.) or 45-67 (4th ed.))

Figures (also see McMillan, pp. 30-50 (3rd ed.) or 45-67 (4th ed.))

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