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Criteria for Grading Final Research Papers



Section                                                      Grade


                                    A-B                             C                                 D-F




Abstract                     Contains specific         Data unclear               No specific data

 data                             Incorrect form            No summary

Clear and concise        Wordy                         Vague 

                                    Correct form


Introduction              Appropriate BG,          Wordy                         Vague

                                     depth; goal clearly      Unclear                        Inappropriate depth,

                                     stated                                                              content


Procedures                 Clear, succinct             Vague                          Incorrect format, style

                                    Can be repeated           Wordy                         Incomplete

                                    References included


Results                       Well organized            Complete but               Incorrect

                                    Clear description         difficult to                   Incomplete

                                    Correct analysis           understand                  Unorganized

                                    Titles, legends, labels   Organization                No labels or legends

                                    Correct units                confusing                  

                                    Precision/Sig. Fig.       Awkward  text

                                    Neat appearance          Sloppy appearance


Discussion                 Concise, meaningful    Superficial                   Incorrect

                                     interpretation of          Theory not integrated  Incomplete

                                     results                         with results                 Vague or missing

                                    Theory integrated        Importance unclear      conclusion(s)

                                     with results                 Wordy conclusion

                                    Reasonable alternative


                                    References cited

                                    Correct, concise conclusion


References                  Appropriate sources    Irrelevant                     None cited

                                    Complete                     Incomplete

                                    Correct format             Incorrect format

                                    Appropriate #              Too few #

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