Course Goals and Objectives

This laboratory course advances laboratory, record keeping, and technical communication skills that were introduced in BIOC 211: Experimental Biosciences. You will work in teams to perform authentic research in synthetic biology. Overall learning goals and intended learning outcomes for the course are outlined below.

Goal 1: Possess basic laboratory skills desired of an independent researcher

Understanding the rationale behind procedures and asking questions that reflect a willingness to learn promote effective time management and successful completion of experiments. Our best students are always the ones who are engaged in the learning process. An independent researcher

Goal 2: Understand the importance of effective communication and of detailed and accurate record keeping

Communication and record keeping are fundamental to the dissemination of science. A student who is an effective communicator

Goal 3: Recognize the necessity of maturity and responsibility when working in a professional environment

In addition to working independently, on one's own initiative, each student is expected to work well with the other team members. A mature and responsible student

Goal 4: Recognize appropriate context

Paying attention to detail is important not only in performing experimental procedures but also in reporting the results to the scientific community and the general public. A meticulous and focused student
Thus, I expect you not only to retain and use what you learned in BIOC 211 and other laboratory courses, but also to build on that foundation and achieve higher competencies. Here are some examples of how we are "raising the bar:"

Special note on our roles as your teachers: Our job is to guide your learning. Guidance means we help you find ways to get the answers. We encourage you to ask us questions during lecture and during the lab - sometimes we may not answer the question directly or give you all of the answer (and sometimes we may not know "the answer"). Our goal with this approach is to help you develop your ability to obtain and use information; simply giving you the information does not accomplish that goal.


Program Goals and Objectives

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