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1.  Large Scale Synthesis of Near-Monodisperse Gold Nanorods and their Assembly into 3D Anisotropic Single Crystals ($378,000, 2011-2014, PI), National Science Foundation.

2.  CAREER: Amphiphilicity-Driven Organization of Nanoparticles into Discrete Assemblies ($528,147, 2006-2012, PI), National Science Foundation.

3.  Optimizing Delivery of Paclitaxel in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment through Nanoparticle Delivery ($286,000, 2008-2011, Co-PI). Alliance for NanoHealth.

4.  Soluble Assemblies of Catalytically-Active Nanocrystals ($150,000, 2008-2011, PI). Robert A. Welch Foundation.

5.  Synthesis and Self-Organization of Hybrid Nanocrystals ($50,000, 2008-2010, PI). Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

6.  NIRT: Bioinspired Flex Nanomembranes for Multifunctional Microsensors, ($1,100,000, 2005-2009, Co-PI), National Science Foundation.

7.  Welch Foundation Investigatorship in Nanoscience and Technology ($150,000, 2005-2008, PI), Robert A. Welch Foundation.

8.  Synthesis of Self-Assembling Hybrid Structures ($35,000, 2004-2006, PI), ACS Petroleum Research Fund.

9.  Synthesis of Star-Shaped Polymers and their Use as Drug Delivery Carriers ($18,000, 2003-2004, PI) University Research Grant, Iowa State University.