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2010: XNA Graphics Application - Simple Album Demo


2009: Netters


2008: Mixed-reality Interaction System

C# / Managed DirectX, C++ / OpenCV


The project presents a brand new human-computer interaction out of the traditional models. The system, combining the virtual environment and real human physical reaction, provides a series of interesting interaction functions and much better user experience. Based on an embedded processor, along with Mini-projector System and Laser Control System, the system develops a particular Laser Reflection Multi-touch technology and “paperless office” interaction engine to meet the user’s high demands. The project integrates many modern technologies such as electronic sensors, computer vision/graphics, interactive software interface, as well as multi-thread programming.

2005: Intel ISEF Project: Generalizations of Koch Curve and Its Applications

C++ / OpenGL

56th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 3rd Award in Mathematics


Koch curve is an important curve in fractal geometry. In this project, a number of generalized Koch forms are discovered. In order for them to be seen in a visual way, I I developed a software package related with these generalized forms with the help of OpenGL, C++ and MFC. This graphics program possesses a number of features that grants the project several remarkable applications on various subjects in real life.

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Some side facts

I am right now a M.C.S student studying computer science at Rice University.

My hometown is in Shanghai, China.

I was the founder and webmaster of PokemonChina( from 1998 to 2003. It was the largest and most popular web site about Pokemon in China around 2002 – 2003.

The site was mainly designed by Microsoft Frontpage.

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I like drawing. I used to draw a lot, but occasionally now.