Courses taken on

Software Defined Networking (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Courses taken at Rice University since 2011 Fall

2018 Spring

COMP540 Statistical Machine Learning

2016 Fall

ELEC677 Introduction to Deep Learning

2015 Fall

COMP557 Artificial Intelligence (A)

2015 Spring

COMP430 Introduction to Database Systems (A+)

COMP/ELEC/STAT502 Neural Machine Learning (A)

2013 Spring

COMP/ELEC421 Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming (A+)

ELEC430 Digital Communication (A)

2012 Fall

ELEC548 Statistical Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Neuroscience Applications (A+)

ELEC690 Back to the Future: the History of Programmable DSP Architectures (A)

2012 Spring

COMP/ELEC429 Introduction to Computer Networks (A)

ELEC431 Digital Signal Processing (A)

2011 Fall

COMP482/ELEC420 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (A+)

ELEC/COMP425 Computer Systems Architecture (A+)

ELEC516 Analog Circuit Design (A)

ELEC522 Advance VLSI Design (A)



F15 COMP/ELEC429 COMP/ELEC556 Introduction to Computer Networks

S14 ELEC305 Introduction to Physical Electronics

F13 COMP/ELEC429 Introduction to Computer Networks

F13 ELEC/COMP425 Computer Systems Architecture

S13 ELEC431 Digital Signal Processing

F12 ELEC541 Error Correcting Codes

S12 ELEC242 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering II


Courses taken at Tsinghua University since 2007 Fall


Calculus, Algebra, Complex Analysis, Partial Derivative Equation,
Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Numerical Analysis


Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves


C, C++, Data Strcuture, Matlab, VHDL, DSP

Computer Systems:

Database, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks

Communication Systems:

Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Principle of Communication


Semi-conductor Devices, Principle of Circuits, Digital Logic Circuits, Analog Circuits,
RF Circuits, Microwave Circuits