I am Xiaoye Steven Sun, a sixth year Ph.D. student in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Rice University.


I joined Rice University in 2011 Fall. I am working with Prof. T. S. Eugene Ng in System Group of Department of Computer Science. My research interests include cloud computing, cluster computing system for big data.


Before I came to Rice, I got my Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Tsinghua University, China in June 2011. At Tsinghua, I was in Department of Electronic Engineering under School of Information Science and Technology. I worked with Prof. Zhijun Zhang and Prof. Wenhua Chen in my undergraduate research projects. I did research on back-end microwave communication system design.


Technically, I am an ECE student working with a CS professor. I'd like to join any activity, such as coffee break, BBQ, seminar and defense hosted by both departments. Delicious free food is always welcomed from any department.


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