Ken enjoys biking and has commuted to work daily Since arriving at Rice in 1982. Woodworking, quilting, Cooking and Gardening are among his “spare time” activities.

This is Ken’s Travel Bike.  It has couplers in the frame so that it can be packed in a suitcase.  It has been to Germany, California, Virginia, Hawaii and it wants to go other places. It was custom made by Bilenky in philadelphia, PA.

THESE are some of Ken’s quilts.

Ken refinished this cabinet that is believed to have come from Germany with his ancestors in the late 1700s.

This is A Biker Ken bought to Keep at his Mother’s house in Virginia.  It is a Salsa with Disc brakes.

Ken made this cake for his Sister’s wedding.  He earned his spending money in High school and college by decorating and selling cakes.

Ken enjoys painting when he can.  He has used both acrylics and oils.