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The philosophy behind this software is to give students of thermodynamics an introduction to the subject of mixture phase diagrams by using the display and animation capabilities of powerful computer graphics hardware. We hope that by using the program students will gain an appreciation of what the diagrams mean in terms of physical-property behavior and also of the importance of visual thinking and hyperdimensionality in understanding thermodynamics. But it is also important that they learn the limitations of the drawings. In the interest of producing elaborate, global displays of P,T,x,y properties, all data in this tutorial have been generated through the equation-of-state method by using the Peng-Robinson equation with common mixing rules as implemented in the ASPEN PLUS chemical process simulator. Thus many of the subtleties of mixture thermodynamics are not touched upon in this presentation and will have to wait for later sequels that have a different focus.

The Phase software was developed for Silicon Graphics workstations by Kong S. Tian and Professor Kenneth R. Jolls assisted by Richard J. Campero in the Chemical Engineering Department, Iowa State University.

The software was ported from Unix to Windows and further enhanced by Jasper Yen, Stella Unruh, Melinda Duplan, Hector Perez, and Professor Walter G. Chapman in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department, Rice University.

If you are interested in downloading the Phase software, please submit the following form so that we can keep track of users. You will be linked to the download page for Phase (

You can view the still images in Phase from your web browser. The web version only works well in Internet Explorer and it does not show the movable images.

If you have trouble downloading Phase, a CD can be provided to you.

This version of Phase uses the Coin 3D graphics library that is distributed under a GNU General Public License Agreement. To use the software, the user must agree with the GNU General Public License agreement. A copy of the agreement is provided in the Readme.txt and ThermoGraphics.doc files. The Phase tutorial is free to distribute.

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