Graduate Students


Patrick Clay

Patrick got his undergraduate degree from UNC Chapel Hill. After working on stream ecology (and counting insects in white bins), he now studies the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of parasite communities within hosts.

Shannon Carter

Shannon Carter

Shannon joined us after she finished her undergraduate at Baylor University. Once she discovered how much fun working in pond communities can be (and how cool one can look while doing it!), she has decided to use them as a model system to study how the temporal distribution of life-history events and species interactions influences populations and communities.

Postdoctoral fellow

Ben Toscano

Benjamin Toscano

Ben is a population & community ecologist and worked with Blaine Griffin at the University of South Carolina before he joined our group. His main research focuses on the complex interplay between individual-level variation and population and community dynamics suing marine and freshwater systems as a model system. He has joined us to work on a number of projects which examine how ontogenetic niche shifts affect community structure and dynamics . You can read more about his exciting research on his webpage.


Research Technician

Lauren Eveland

Lauren Eveland

Lauren arrived with a masters from U Mississippi where she worked with Bill Resetarits on pond communities. Lauren is generally interested in oviposition site selection of invertebrates and amhibians but focused on mosquitoes for her masters. Now Lauren helps us on pretty much everything we do and prevents chaos on a daily basis.

Youngest group member (& chief polywog wrestler)



Mina's research interest are broad, but mainly include any combination of bugs, rolly pollies, lizards, and fairy house architecture.

Mina is currently working on her field guide to invertebrate flavors and becoming a lizard dentist.


Current Undergraduate Students


Rachel Buissereth

While helping us during our summer field season (and keeping up everyone in a good mood) Rachel started her NSF REU project on how biodiversity and species interactions influence host-pathogen dynamics in zooplankton communities. Rachel decided to continue and expand on this REU project to figure it all out.

Belle Harris 

Belle Harris

Belle studies the benefits of cannibalis for life history traits across different environments.

Imani Butler 

Imani Butler

Imani's work examines sex specific evolution of cannibalistic behavior


Nakian Kim

Nak works on a number of projects including evolution of cannibalism and dynamics of zooplankton community and helps us maintain our flour beetle stocks.


Past graduate students & fellows


Chris Dibble

Chris is currently a Post Doc at UGA (read more on his webpage)


Nick Rasmussen

Nick is currently a Post Doc at UC Davis (read more on his webpage)

Benjamin Van Allen

Currently Post Doc at LSU (read more on his webpage)


Amber Roman



Past undergraduate researchers & research assistants

Emily Crowder 
Carly Beidul 
Laura Krannich 
Zac Costa
Zac Costa
 Sena Sena McCrory  Allie Allison Schaich  Ailyn Brittney A. Olivarez  Alyssa Alyssa Thomas

 Erica Harris Erica Harris

 Ann Thomas

 Pablo Delclos

SarahSarah Nouri 


Gordon Ross

Lauren Krenek


Erin Mattson


"Lucy" Zhu

Ye Jin

Ye-jin Kang


Sam Masaki

Vinny Singh

Viny Singh


Mathew Moran

Samantha Berkey

Alexandra Santorum

Kennay Fowler

Jordan Bunch

Michaela Reynolds Stephanie Price Boris Zhong Preeya Bhavsar