Valerie A. Olson
Rice University Research Associate Webpage
University of Houston Adjunct Professor
Ph.D., Rice University 2010
Research program

Environment and ecology; extreme environments; environmental biomedicine, science, technology, and operations; experimental ecologies; ecological imaginaries; the future; cosmologies; expertise; ethics; United States; Europe; Latin America.

Book manuscript
American Extreme: an ethnography of astronautical visions and ecologiesProject funded by: the National Science Foundation, Rice University, an National Space Biomedical Research Institute internship, and a Rice University Humanities Research Center Dissertation Writing Fellowship.
Selected related publications
2010. The ecobiopolitics of space biomedicine. Medical Anthropology 29:2. Pp 170 - 193
In press. Doing something about Near Earth Objects: the emerging environmental politics of the solar system. In Bringing STS Into Environmental History (forthcoming).

NOAA Seagrant (2010 - 2011): An Ethnography of Expert Explanatory Models of the Deepwater Horizon Well Blowout. Compares three expert explanations of the disaster's causes and consequences; examines the contentious political ecology of the Gulf of Mexico's subsurface.

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photo courtesy NASA

Top: Inside Johnson Space Centerís Bioregenerative Planetary Life Support Systems Test Complex (BIO-plex)

Bottom:JAXA astronaut Satoshi Furukawa on the Carpenter Basin seafloor during NASA NEEMO 13 mission