Oct. 2012, Group PI is Awarded an NIH R21 award for developement of a foveated endoscope for cancer detection.

Oct. 2012, Group PI Wins a Norman Edmund Inspiration Award

Sept. 2012, Group PI wins Edmund Optics Higher Education Award

Dec. 2011, Prof. Rebecca Richards-Kortum and Asst. Prof. Tomasz Tkaczyk receive a point-of-care diagnostics grant through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges in Global Health

Oct, 2011, Group PI wins a Paul F. Forman Engineering Excellence Award from Optical Society of America

Welcome Message:

FOCUS: Our lab focus is on the development of modern optical instruments for bioengineering. We combine new technologies in (1) optics (grayscale lithography, laser printing, free-form diamond turning, and molding), (2) opto-mechanics (LIGA, DRIE components), (3) electronics (custom detectors), (4) snapshot imaging: spectrometry (ISS and IMS), spectro-polarimetry and 3D volumetric OCT imaging, and (5) software (dedicated DSPs, new algorithms) to solve problems of medical diagnosis and detection for both clinical and remote environments. We are also interested in advancing imaging techniques to enhance performance and information content in acquired images.

RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY: Bioengineering research is a challenging task that requires a constant awareness of emerging technologies. These new technologies enable measurement techniques or methods not possible five or ten years ago. To effectively advance engineering research, we utilize the newest optical, electronic, and fabrication technologies for use in biomedical sensing.

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