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Joining the Lab

Graduate students

2012 New Mexico field crew

2012 New Mexico field crew. From left to right: Olivia, Rande, Amy, Jo, Marion, Tom.

I welcome applications from prospective graduate students who are excited about research in ecology and evolution. Graduate students will be expected to develop an independent research program related to the conceptual themes of the lab (see research pages of this website). Prospective students with interests in combining theoretical and experimental approaches are especially encouraged to apply. Strong senses of curiosity, wonder, and humor are required! Information about the Rice EEB application process can be found here. Applications are due in January but prospective students are encouraged to contact Tom before then.

Postdoctoral collaborators

Postdoc positions may be available from time to time as funding permits. Anyone interested in conducting postdoctoral work in the lab should contact Tom to discuss possibilities.


There are lots of ways for Rice undergrads to get involved in our research, including the EBIO 306 and 403/404 courses and working for pay. Contact Tom if you are interested.

Jumping for joy on the Texas coast

Jumping for joy on the Texas coast.









Los Pinos in morning haze