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                                                                                SHIREEN NASIR



EDUCATION:           2006 – 2010 Rice University

·       Currently a sophmore

·       Will be majoring in Political Science and Economics; Minor in Spanish

·       Current GPA: 3.75


LANGUAGE:             Fluent in Urdu, Hindi, and Spanish;

                                    Proficient in Arabic (can read and write Arabic)


                                POLI 329: Health Policy POLI 211: International Relations, POLI 210: American Government and Policy;  POLI 395: Political Statistics; POLI 325: Political Environment of Business;  ECON 211: Microeconomics

EXPERIENCE:          June- August 2007: City of Houston Research Intern: Mayor’s Office (JCCC)

·    Assigned four different research projects for the Joint City County Commission on Children to assess current initiatives and provide suggestions on local problems facing youth; Worked in these different areas:

o   Health Policy: Research on California county based welfare system to provide health care to ALL uninsured children regardless of citizenship status; (Try to develop something similar in Harris County)

o   Drop Out Rates in Harris County and Houston Area: Assess Problem and providing insight for local summit held by America’s Promise Alliance

o   Legislative Updates on Children’s Welfare Programs: Assessing the impact of changes in welfare programs during the most recent legislative sessions


                                    August 2006- Present :Rice University Houston, TX

                                    Research Assistant Political Science Department

·       Research for Dr. Brett Ashley Leeds on her project regarding Democratic Institutions and their foreign policy consistency in comparison to other institutions

·       Must gather historical evidence and data for countries in the 19th and 20th centuries and evaluate whether or not a coalition change occurred within the historical context from leadership turnovers

·       Have extensively studied Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union countries), Africa, and Cyprus

·       Must summarize and write reports on the research I found for the records that will be published and presented

·       Will be presented at Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium May 2008




Fall 2006 to Present: Baker Institute for Public Policy: Student Forum Executive    Committee (MEDIA DIRECTOR)

·       Liaison between Public Policy Research Institution at Rice University Students;

·       Plan large scale event s with prominent speakers and authors to encourage political awareness of student body; Past events include

·          Pakistani History and Foreign Policy: A Novelist’s Perspective with Bapsi Sidhwa (September 11, 2007)

·          Health Policy Conference (Upcoming event February 2008)

·          American Primaries: Frontloading and Single-Issue Voters


Fall 2006- Present: Advancing Diversity and Cultural Exchange on Campus: Programming   Committee Member and Chair


·       Hold weekly lunches and discussions with student body on hot topic issues on diversity such as cultural assimilation, immigration, racism and politics, interaction between church and state, sperm donation etc.

·       Also plan monthly events and movie showing on campus for  student body on related issues


Fall 2006- Present: PAIR Volunteer

·       Tutor Burmese, Turkish, and Mexican refugees for Catholic Charities 3-5 hours on a weekly basis to enhance English learning skills; Also help in Math and Science


                                    Fall 2007- Present: Brown College Social Concerns Committee Chair

·          Chair in organizing events to encourage Brown college (Rice dormitory) students to volunteer in Houston Committee

o         Organize: Blood Drive

o         Brown Volunteer Day

o         Weekly and Monthly Volunteer Events