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Alief-Hastings High School
Class of 1977

 "We're the BEST of Earth and Heaven! Senior Class of '77!"

Our 30-Year Reunion Plans are Under Way!

Main Event:  Saturday, July 7, 2007.
Safari Texas Lodge
11627 FM 1464 (Between Clodine and Sugar Land, Texas.)


 30-Year Reunion Planning
(In process for 2007.)

1.)    If you have had a change in address, please e-mail Laura Crews-Foster.

2.)    If you have had a change in e-mail address, please contact Sandy Davis.

3.)    Please check the MIAs list on this website and let Laura know if you know how to contact         any of the classmates that we have not been able to locate. 

"We're the Best of Earth and Heaven, Senior Class of '77!"

Remember that class motto? How about the Jack-in-the-Box parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights? Or Pizza Hut after the football games where we cheered on the Alief Bears, their accompanying Big Bear Band and Golden Brigade? The Duck. Drag Racing. Powderpuff and The Mean Green Machine. The Grodie Brigade. TABS. If these are the things your high school memories are made of, undoubtedly you're one of us; an alumni of that truly phenomenal, 1977 Graduating Class of Alief-Hastings High School. It's been 30 years (quit groaning) and we've missed you. Therefore, we're throwing a 30-Year Reunion Bash and we'd LOVE for you to join us.

If you've located this homepage, you're in good shape and shouldn't have any problem receiving our future agenda in regards to this BIG EVENT, as long as you've submitted your most current address to Laura Crews-Foster via e-mail on this site. (Website and e-mail corrections/additions should continue to be forwarded to Sandy Davis.)

Those of you who attended the 10, 20 or 25-year playfests know they were fun-filled weekends to remember and we are set on a REPEAT! So...

Stay Tuned AND In Touch!

We love ya! We miss ya! Know you're gonna be there!

Class of '77 MIAs


30th Year Location Scouting Photos

Thursday, April 13, 2006

(Photos by James Golding and Sandy Davis.)

Saturday, May 20, 2006
(Photos by James Golding.)

  *Special THANKS to Corky Sharbrough for his scanning services and additional server space!

25 Year Reunion

Silver Anniversary Photo
Saturday, October 5, 2002
Safari Texas

*Photo by Kathy and Blake Culpepper.

The Dating Game
25 Year Reunion

Our Winning Bachelor - Mike Williams
25 Year Reunion

Early Birds
Karen B., Debbie T. & Sabrina D.

  25 Year Reunion Committee Photo

20 Year Reunion


The Mansion
at Great Southwest Equestrian Center
2501 S. Mason Road
Katy, Texas

Memorial Day Weekend, 1997.

20 Year Reunion Group Shot

10 Year Reunion
Family Picnic

Farm and Ranch Club
Bear Creek, Texas

Photos by Sandy Davis.
Scanning by Laura Crews-Foster.

Proof of those who made it to the day after....

Todd Summy & Mike Swain.

 Tom, Becky, Garry, Bennie.         Cindy G. Jan J., Sabrina D.           Wade "Mad Dog" Brown.          LeaAnne W.  & Corrie Lee.

Mike, Debbie, Marcia, Shelly.
 Shawn Hogan & Bryan.                   Lewis & Karen  Rothman.      Ben Agee ('75) & Sonya.

                                                                                          Susan Hague, Dan & Christopher.    Stacy W., Danny & Lindsey.


                        Bill R., Garry C., Bill M. &  Robin R.                          Paul S. & Mike Garrett.                        Cindy C. & Ken with Cindy G.


                                                                        Robin Eason &  Lynn Morris.                     Jeannie S., Karen B. & Billy Aud.

 Old Days

Favorite Things and People 

In Our Little Town

1970 - Mrs. Bennett's Fifth Grade Class
Alief Elementary (Now Youens Elem.)
 Photo contributed by Terrence Schenkelaars.

1971 - Mrs. Baxter's Sixth Grade Class
Alief Elementary (Now Youens Elem.)
Photo contributed by Sabrina Dobbins-Manley.

Corky Sharbrough's Class Site (Yearbook Photos Included)

ATTENTION!  If you have photos from any of our previous, '77 Class Reunions or Class Photos for inclusion on this website, please e-mail them to Sandy Davis.

Throw a Party and the Class of '77 Will Come!

 History of Alief - Coming Soon!

Alief Railway Depot,
constructed in 1904.
Photo contributed by Ben Hastings.

The Alief railway depots (one for passengers and one for cargo) were constructed in 1904, on the northwest corner of Alief-Clodine and Old Westheimer Roads.  From the early 1900s through World War I, the Alief Railway depot provided residents with the most reliable form of transportation into the city of Houston.  Prior to proper drainage control, frequent flooding often rendered area roads impassable.  (Pictured is Ina Frazer.)

The rails of the San Antonio-Aransas Pass Railroad were uprooted during the construction of the Westpark Tollway, which opened to Houston's westside commuters on May 1, 2004.