Short List of CJK Systems

Union Way (
Platform: Win 3.x, Win95, NT, 3.x for WorkGroups, compatible with CJK versions of Win 3.x and Win95.
Fonts: (GB, BIG5, HZ, JIS, Shift-JIS, KSC)
Character Sets: TSJK, can add other sets
Input Methods: PY, ZY, CJ, CAN, EC, RK, KK, HK, HG
TTF: Provides TTF Fonts at additional costs
Supports MS Office
Graphics Compatibility: PageMaker, PhotoShop and CorelDraw
Technical Support:

Chinese Star ( Platform: Win 3.x, Win95, NT Fonts: (GB, BIG5, Unicode on NT version) Character Sets: TS Input Methods: PY, NPY, QW, ZM, PZM, WBS, WBD, WBB, EC, Tabular. IME: PY CIME TTF: 42 TTF Fonts Graphics Compatibility: PageMaker, Powerpoint, PhotoShop, PaintBrush. Warranty: Lifetime Replacment Warranty For Defective Parts. Technical Support: Lifetime support via e-mail. Pricing: Licensing:

MView ( Platform: Win 3.x, Win95 (may not work on all 32-bit applications) Fonts: GB, HZ, BIG5, JIS, EUC-JIS, Shift-JIS, KSC, UTF-7, UTF-8 Character Sets: TSJKU Input Methods: PY, NPY, CAN, CJ, WB, 4C, KK, FC, ST, HG IME: CIME, JIME TTF: None Graphics Compatibility: Warranty: SHAREWARE, NO WARRANTY Technical Support: Pricing: 30 day Free Trial, Licensing: Note: Autodetection of CJU fonts (experimental).

NetHZ ( Platform: C-Win (GB and BIG5), TwinBridge, CStar Fonts: HZ Character Sets: TS Warranty: AS IS Technical Support: NewVision Technology, P.O. Box 232, Temple City, CA 91780-0232 USA Pricing: 21 days free, $19 Registration Fee Licensing: SHAREWARE

NJStar ( Platform: Win 3.1x, Win 95, Win 98, NT Fonts: GB, BIG5, HZ, JIS, Shift-JIS, EUC-JIS, KSC, ISO2022, Support Unicode Character Sets: TSJK Input Methods: (Chinese: PY, ZY, CAN, WB, CJ, BS, ... 20 methods) (Japanese: RK, KK, FC, ST, NI, UI, RL, EJ) IME: CIME TTF: in Professional Version Graphics Compatibility: Warranty: Technical Support: Pricing: Licensing: Note: AutoDetection of Chinese and Japanese Codes

TwinBridge ( Platform: Win 3.x, Win 95, NT, Mac Fonts: Character Sets: Input Methods: IME: TTF: Graphics Compatibility: Warranty: Technical Support: Pricing: $149 Each Partner ($447 CJK) Licensing:

Way ( Platform: Win 3.1 Fonts: CH16.FON Character Sets: GB Input Methods: PY, JPY, WB, QM, CJ, TC IME: CIME TTF: Warranty: NO WARRANTY Technical Support: Wang Wei Pricing: FREE SHAREWARE

WinHZ ( Platform: Win 3.x, Win95, C-Win (GB) Fonts: HZ Character Sets: S Warranty: AS IS, NO WARRANTY Technical Support: Tian Bogang, Pricing: FREE Notes: HZ Extension to Chinese Systems, or C-Win (GB).

WinMASS Lite ( WEBSITE VERY SLOW Platform: Win 3.1, Win 3.22 running Win32s, UNIX Fonts: UTF-7, UTF-8, EACC(Library Edition), GB, HZ, HZX, BIG5, CNS, Shift-JIS, EUC-JIS, ISO2022, KSC, ISO8859-1 Character Sets: TSJKU, can add other sets Input Methods: PY, ZY, CJ, JBS, SN, EC IME: TTF: Graphics Compatibility: Warranty: Technical Support: Pricing: Licensing:

Term Abbreviations

Intelligent Mode Input (IME)
CIME - Chinese Intelligent Mode Input
JIME - Japanese Intelligent Mode Input

Character Sets
T - Traditional Chinese Character Set
S - Simplified Chinese Character Set
J - Japanese Character Set
K - Korean Character Set
U - Unicode Character Set

Chinese Inputing Methods
PY - Pinyin Method
ZY - Zhuyin Method
NPY - New Pinyin Method
NDPY - New Double Pinyin Method
QW - Quwei Method
CJ - Cangjie Method
WB - Wubi (Five Strokes) Method
WBS - Wubi Shape Method
WBD - Wubi Drawing Method
WBB - Wubi Bridge Method
4C - Four-Corners Method
TC - Telecode Method
JBS - Jianyi Bushou Method
WM - Wangma Method
SN - Stroke Number Method
ZM - Standard Zhengma Method
PZM - Popularized Zhengma Method
CAN - Cantonese Method
EC - English-Chinese Method

Japanese Inputting Methods
RK - Roma-Kanji Method
KK - Kana-Kanji Method
FC - Four-Corners Method
ST - Strokes Method
RL - Radical Lookup
NI - Nelson Index Method
UI - Unicode
EJ - English-Japanese

Korean Inputting Methods
HG - Hangul Method
HJ - Hanja Method