Neither Black Nor White: Intermarried Jews and Mischlinge during the Third Reich


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The Nazi Code of Thought concerning the persecution of Jews:


A Jewish individual living in Germany under the Third Reich is subject to persecution.


A pure blooded German is not.

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Many people today reduce the Nazi Jewish ideology down to these clear-cut, black and white statements. However, such individuals fail to consider many other types of people that do not fit neatly into these two categories.


What about a young girl with a Jewish mother and a Protestant father?

What about a middle-aged Catholic man who has one Jewish grandparent?

What about a newlywed couple consisting of a Christian wife and a Jewish husband?

Where do such individuals fit into the Nazi schema?

Welcome to the world of neither black nor white, but gray: the world of mixed Jewish-Christian couples, families, and children.

This website explores this often-forgotten world by delving into various personal stories of intermarried couples, retelling the story of the Rosenstrasse protest, exposing Hitler’s opinion on this matter (or lack of opinion), and more. 

May your exploration here be informative!