I. Ideality in Ancient Greek Sculpture

A. Archaic Kouroi & Kores: Homeric Ethos

Man from Thebes (700-675)
Kleobis and Biton ("the Twins") (600-575)
Newer Kouroi (540-520)
Winged Nike (550)
Peplos Kore (530)

B. Early Classicism: The Olympian Moment

Kritios Boy (490-480)
Doryphorous (440)
Pheidias-style Apollo of Tiber (c. 440)
Flute Player: Ludovisi Throne (460-450)
Rising Aphrodite: Ludovisi Throne (460-450)
Athena (Phidias 450)
Kritios Boy head (490-480)
Old Seer (470-457)
Pericles (440-430)

C. Late Classicism and Hellenistic Period: Subjectivity and Appearance

Hermes (Praxiteles 340-330)
Athena Nike (420)
Knidian Venus (Praxiteles 350-340)
Knidian Venus full view
Priam (380)
Socrates Type A (390-370)
Plato (340)
Aristotle (330)
Laocoon (1st cen)

II. The Renaissance: Michelangelo's Doubt

A. "Art is more than Nature": The Contest with the Ancients

Bacchus (1496-7)
Risen Christ
Donatello, David
David (detail, head)
"Night" (Tomb of Giulliani de Medici 1519-33)
Battle relief (1491-2)

B. Mannerism, Style, and the autonomy of art

Raphael, Alba Madonna (1511)
Doni Madonna (1503-4)
Sistine ceiling, early nude left of Drunkenness of Noah
Sistine ceiling, nude over the Persian Sibyl
Sistine ceiling, nude over Jeremiah (1)
Sistine ceiling, nude over Jeremiah (2)
Sistine ceiling, nude over Jeremiah (3)
Sistine ceiling, early nude right of Sacrifice of Noah

C. Spiritual Struggle and the Meaning of Flesh

Sistine ceiling, the creation of Adam (1508-12)
St. Matthew (1504-08)
Rebellious Slave (1514)
Dying Slave (1514)
Florentine Slave (Atlas 1520-23)
Florentine Slave (Awakening 1520-23)

D. The Personal Cost

Bacchus (detail, flayed skin)
Last Judgment (detail, St. Bartholomew, 1534-41)
Victory (1527-30)
Last Judgment (1534-41)

E. The failure of Grazia and the End of the Cosmological Perspective

Crucifixion of Peter (1542-45)
Crucifixion of Peter (detail, Peter)
Rondanini Pieta (1555-64)

III. Hegel: Romanticism and the Threshold of Modern Art

A. Symbolic Art (Indeterminate Absolute)

Dancing Shiva
Vishnu, Lion Avatar
Ganesh (18th cen. bronze)
Great Sphinx (Louvre)
Funerary scroll (Anubis, Thoth, Horus)
Pyramid of Cheops

B. Classical Art (the Ideal)

(see Sec. I: Ideality in Greek Sculpture)

C. Romantic Art (the self-transcendence of Art)

i. challenges of signifying the Absolute (transcendence)

Byzantine Madonna and Child (13th cen)
Christ Pantokrator (12th cen)
Chartres Cathedral
Creation of Adam (Michelangelo)
Claude Lorrain, Paula (16??)
Claude Lorrain, Seaport (16??)

ii. the "congregation"

Pieter Breugel the Elder, Peasant Dance (1568)
Franz Hals, Banquet of the Civic Guard (1616)
Goya, Family of Charles IV (1800)
Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People (1830)
Courbet, Burial at Ornans (1848-50)

iii. genre: still life, landscape

Pieter Claesz, Still life with Clay Pipes (1637)
Caspar David Friedrich, The Solitary Tree
Caspar David Friedrich, Winter Landscape
Constable, View of Dedham (1814)

iv. the self-transcendence of painting: empty transcendence?

Goya, Dog Buried in Sand
Gericault, Raft of the Medusa (1819)
Turner, Rain, Steam, and Speed
Turner, Snow Storm (1842)
Turner, Light and Color (Goethe's Theory)-The Morning After the Deluge (1843)
Kandinsky, Theme of the Deluge and the Last Judgment (1913)
Yves Klein, Cosmogonie (1961)
Barnett Newman, Twelfth Station
Mark Rothko, No. 10 (1950)

(Temporary Miscellaneous Images)

Lucian Freud, Girl on a Bed
Lucian Freud, Painter and Model
julian schnabel, Lux
Rembrandt, The Night Watch
Cezanne, Mont St. Victoire from Les Lauves (water color 1902-06)
Cezanne, Mont St. Victoire from Les Lauves (oil)
Cezanne, Mont St. Victoire (1902)
Ingres, The Source
Ingres, Bain Turc
Goya, Portrait with Dr Arrieta (1820)
Goya, Leocadia (1821)

Klee, Vergessliche Engel
Klee, Crying Woman (1939)
Klee, Portrait of Mrs GL (1929)
Klee, Garden by the Stream (1927)
Klee, Squabble Duet (1939)
Picasso, Two Women on a beach (1922)
botticelli, birth of venus
modigiliani, reclining nude 1 (1917)http://fpx.metmuseum.org/fif=collections/ma/ma1997.149.9.X.fpx&obj=iip,1.0&wid=500&hei=323&rgn=0,0,1,1&lng=en_US&cvt=jpeg
modigliani, reclining nude ex (1917)
pollock, lavender mist (1950)
De Kooning, Woman (1954)
Licthenstein, yellow brushstroke

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