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October, 2012)

Selected Publications (PDF reprints  below for educational use)

  1. Igoshin O.A., Mogilner A., Welch R.D., Kaiser D., Oster G., Pattern formation and traveling waves in myxobacteria: Theory and modeling, PNAS, 98 (2001)14913-14918 [reprint].
  2. Wolgemuth C.W., Igoshin O., Oster G., The motility of mollicutes, Biopys. J., 85 (2003) 828-842 [reprint]
  3. Igoshin, O. A., Welch R., Kaiser D., Oster G.., Waves and aggregation patterns in myxobacteria, PNAS, 101(2004) 4256-4261 [reprint]
  4. Igoshin, O.A., Kaiser, D., Oster G. Symmetry breaking in myxobacteria, Curr. Biol 14(2004) R459-R462 [reprint]
  5. Igoshin, O.A., Goldbeter A., Kaiser, D., Oster G. A biochemical oscillator explains several aspects of M.  xanthus behavior during development, PNAS 101(2004) 15760-15765 [reprint]
  6. Igoshin, O. A., Price, C.W., Savageau, M.A., Signaling network with a bistable hysteretic switch controls developmental activation of the sigma transcription factor in Bacillus subtilis, Mol. Microbiol. 61 (2006)165-184  [reprint]
  7. Igoshin, O. A., Brody, M.S., Price, C.W., Savageau, M.A., Distinctive topologies of partner-switching signaling networks correlate with their physiological roles  Jour. Mol. Biol., 369(2007):1333-52 [reprint]
  8. Veening, J-W, Igoshin, O.A., Eijlander, R.T., Hamoen, L.W., Nijland, R. and Kuipers, O.P. Transient heterogeneity in extracellular protease production by Bacillus subtilis., Molecular Systems Biology, (2008) 4-184 [reprint]
  9. Igoshin, O.A., Alves, R. and Savageau, M.A., Hysteretic and graded responses in bacterial two-component signal transduction, Molecular Micorbiology, 68 (2008): 1196–1215  [reprint]
  10. Chaudhury,  S. and  Igoshin, O.A., Dynamic disorder-driven substrate inhibition and bistability in a simple enzyme catalysis reaction,  J Phys Chem B, 113 (2009): 13421-8 [reprint]
  11. Ray, J.C.J. and Igoshin, O.A. Lifestyle-optimized transcriptional feedback in bacterial two-component signaling,  PLoS Comp Biol , 6(2) (2010): e1000676 [reprint]
  12. Eswaramoorthy, P, Dinh, D, Dunn, D., Igoshin, O.A. and Fujita, M., Single cell measurement of the levels and distributions of the phosphorelay components in a population of sporulating Bacillus subtilis cells, Microbiology ,156  (2010): 2294 - 2304 [reprint]
  13. Narula, J., Smith, A.M. Gottgens B., Igoshin, O.A., Modeling Reveals Bistability and Low-Pass Filtering in the Network Module Determining Blood Stem Cell Fate, PLoS Comput Biol 6(5) (2010): e1000771  [reprint]
  14. Tiwari,  A., Balazsi, G., Gennaro, M.L. and  Igoshin, O.A., Interplay of Multiple Feedbacks with Post-Translational Kinetics Results in Bistability of Mycobacterial Stress-Response Network,  Physical Biology, 7 (2010) 036005 [reprint]
  15. Chaudhury,  S. and  Igoshin, O.A., Dynamic disorder in rapid-equilibrium enzymatic system, PLoS One, 5 (2010): e12364  [reprint]
  16. Narula, J., and Igoshin, O.A., Thermodynamic models of combinatorial gene regulation by distant regulatory elements, IET System Biology, 4(2010): 393-408 [reprint]
  17. Xie S., Zhang, H., Shimkets, L. and Igoshin, O.A. , Statistical image analysis reveals features affecting fates of Myxococcus xanthus developmental aggregates, PNAS, 108(2011): 5915-5920 [reprint]
  18. Tiwari,  A., Ray, J.C.J., Narula, J., and  Igoshin, O.A., Bistable responses in bacterial genetic networks: designs and dynamical consequences, Mathematical Bioscience, 231(2011) : 76-89  [reprint]
  19. Zhang, H., Angus, S., Tran, M., Xie S., Igoshin*, O.A. and Welch*, R.D , Quantifying aggregation dynamics during Myxococcus xanthus development, J Bacteriol., 193 (2011): 5164-70 [reprint]
  20. Ray, J.C.J., Tabor, J.J. and Igoshin, O.A., Non-transcriptional regulation shapes relationships between bacterial network structure and function, Nature Reviews Microbiology,  9 (2011): 817-828 [reprint]
  21.  Ray, J.C.J. and Igoshin, O.A., Interplay of Noisy Gene Expression and Ultrasensitive Dynamics Influences Bacterial Operon Organization, PLoS Comp Bio (2012), 8:e1002672. [reprint]
  22. Tiwari, A., and Igoshin, O.A., Coupling between feedback loops in autoregulatory networks affects bistability range, open-loop gain and switching times, Physical Biology (2012) Phys. Biol. 9: 055003. [reprint]
  23. Zhang, H., Vaksman, Z., Litwin D., Shi P., Kaplan H., Igoshin, O.A The Mechanistic Basis of Myxococcus xanthus Rippling Behavior and Its Physiological Role during Predation, PLoS Comp Biology (2012), 8: e1002715. [reprint]

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