Cellular Systems Dynamics Group PI : Oleg Igoshin

Rice University
Department of Bioengineering - MS142
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, Texas 77251-1892

Office: BRC 767

Group: BRC750E





- Bioengineering Department
- Rice University
-Rice Systems and Synthetic Biology Group


Open Positions

We are recruiting one postdoctoral researcher to combine theretical and experimental synthetic biology grant on newly awarded NSF project. Please se this ad for details

Additional postdoctoral positions might be available for motivated applicants. Please email your resume and research statement to igoshin@rice.edu

Graduate students interested in the group are invited to contact Dr. Igoshin.

Undergraduate students interested in getting research experience in the field of systems biology (computational or experimental in the lab of our collaborators) are always welcome. Here is a sample project announcement.