Cellular Systems Dynamics Group PI : Oleg Igoshin


Rice University
Department of Bioengineering - MS142
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, Texas 77251-1892

Office: BRC 767

Group: BRC750E





- Bioengineering Department
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Lab news

09/2012 Haiyang's paper is  "cover-featured" in PLoS Computational Biology  (see press-release here; ACMEScience interview here)

09/2012 Abhinav's paper is published in Physical Biology

09/2012 Rice Ph.D. program in Systems, Synthetic and Physical Biology is officially launched. Go to sspb.rice.edu for details

08/2012 Christian's paper is published in PLoS Computational Biology  (see press release here)

06/2012  Haiyang moves to San Francisco to work for Peanut Labs

01/2012  Haiyang defends his Ph.D!

10/2011 Abhinav gives a talk at BMES

10/2011 A review article published at Nature Reviews Microbiology

09/2011 We are a part of the team that won NSF  EFRI grant "Harnessing Intercellular Signaling to Engineer Pattern Formation"

09/2011 IET Premium award in Systems Biology awarded

08/2011 Haiyang's paper is published at Journal of Bacteriology

07/2011 Jatin wins HHMI predoctoral fellowship

01/2011  Chunyan's paper is published at PNAS

11/2010  Jatin's paper is published  to IET System Biology, Special Issue on the Third q-bio Conference on Cellular Information Processing

09/2010: Another NIH grant awarded with subcontract to OI "Mapping and Modeling Host-Pathogen Interactions in TB latency and reactivation" Lead PI:  Marila Gennaro (PHRI, NJ)

09/2010: Christian  moves to Gabor Balazsi's group

09/2010:  Abhinav's paper is published in Physical Biology (see press release here )

08/2010: NIH R01 "Feedback regulation and transcriptional coupling  in bacterial stress response" awarded to OI in collaboration with co-PIs: Gabor Balazsi (MD Anderson)  and Marila Gennaro (PHRI, NJ).

08/2010: Chunyan moves to industrial position

07/2010: Jatin's paper is accepted to IET System Biology

05/2010: NSF Awards Rice Stimulus MRI funding for new supercomputer (OI is proposal co-PI, more here)

05/2010: Jatin's Paper is published in PLoS Computational Biology (see press release here )

02/2010: Christian's Paper is published in PLoS Computational Biology

10/2009: Srabanti moves to UT, Dept of Chemistry

10/2009: Seed grant "Synthetic Tuning of Breast Cancer-Controlling Network" was funded. co-PIs: Gabor Balazsi (MD Anderson) and Michael A. Mancini (Baylor)

09/2009: Srabanti's Paper is published at JPCB

08/2009: Another NSF grant to the lab in collaboration with Masaya Fujita (UH) Systems Analysis of the Sporulation Initiation Network in the Bacterium Bacillus subtilis, MCB-0920463. 

03/2009:  OI gets NSF CAREER Award Self-organization mechanisms in Myxococcus xanthus swarms, MCB-0845919 

12/2008: Christian gets Best Poster Award at CTBS 2008