Maureen's Web Page

                                                   Welcome to my webpage!  I have created this page to display some of
                                                   my pictures.  I keep most of the originals (which are four times the
                                                   height and width of the pictures on this site) on my hard drive; if you
                                                   would like a better copy of any pictures you see here, feel free to email
                                                   me at  (Also, if you notice that I have spelled any
                                                   names incorrectly, please let me know!)

                                                   I have added some new sections to the website.  I hope to get the
                                                   2003 links up in the near future.

                                                   This site was last updated July 7, 2004.

                                                   Spring 2003 Pictures

                                                   Fall 2003 Pictures

                                                   Spring 2004 Pictures

                                                   Summer 2004 Pictures