Jonathan Ratner - I'm growing!

Well, I'm almost two now. To see pictures of me when I was a baby, click here. I'm running and jumping, and into everything. I go to school three days a week, and love going to Gymboree and the Children's Museum or the park. I love all animals - my kitty and my Grandma's dog are my favorite pets, but I love to chase squirrels, birds, ducks, lizards, bugs, etc. I have a new cousin, Dylan, who is 3 months old. And I'm starting to speak! My vocabulary has over 50 words now, and I'm putting together simple sentences. My favorite word - NO! I'm imitating everything I see right now, which is a good way to learn things. I see a lot more of my extended family these days, and I'm meeting more kids in the neighborhood, but my favorite people to run around with are still the Westmoreland girls and school pals Darien and Kate.

Here I am with my mommy, daddy and big brother Steven. I'm 18 months old here. But where's my kitty sister Squeaker?

Oh, I'm on top of her. Thank you for not scratching or biting me, Squeaker!

I'm pretty tall, but I'm not as old as I look.

Steven is teaching me about video games. I can already steal his Game Boy from him and turn it on.

I also get lots of time on the computer. I know I'm only supposed to play with my own toddler programs, but I've already renamed several files and disabled several programs for Mommy and Daddy. My Daddy had better watch out - I might be doing his job soon!

This is my favorite blanket.

There's my cousin Dylan with my Aunt Julie! He's so big!

I love to be outside. Like my pinwheel?!

I am happiest when I'm being held close by mommy or daddy. Too bad I'm too heavy to carry all the time, because I like that the best.

These were my last school pictures. I'm such a happy child, when I'm not throwing a tantrum. I can also be way cool.

Special delivery! I'm sending all my love to you! Happy Valentine's Day!

Cookies and juice! My great-grandma Nore spoils me rotten!

Daddy's birthday cake is pretty good, too.

I'm learning all the Jewish holidays and rituals. I think all bread is "challah", the special bread we eat on Shabbat. The Passover matzah wasn't too bad, either. And I love wine, when I demand that Mommy or Daddy give me some. Here I am covering my eyes while mommy lights the Shabbat candles.

I celebrate other holidays with my extended family. Happy Easter! I made the bunny ears at school.

I saw my Momo and Popo at my cousin Mikey's birthday party. He may be older, but I'm taller!

I take a walk with my daddy every day. To make this easier on my daddy when I start demanding to be carried, I have a great new tricycle.

I'm such a ham!

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