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Melissa M. Ratner

Stay-at-home Mom

Course Attendant, Rice Continuing Studies



Yes! I've finally stayed in town long enough to work on my home page!

 I am originally from Victoria, TX, though I also spent some of my childhood in cities like San Antonio and La Grange. I came to Houston and Rice University in 1987, and have never been able to leave.

I am married to a wonderful man, Logan Ratner, who is now a Software Engineer at BP Microsystems.

After 7 years as Program Coordinator for the Marching Owl Band, I moved on and took a new position in the School of Continuing Studies for two years, as the coordinator of the Rice Technology Education Center, which offers certification courses for Microsoft Certified Professionals. But now, after 9 years of full-time employment at Rice University, I have left to be a stay-at-home mommy to my son, Jonathan. I I have finally learned to fill my time at home with various projects and activities, such as gardening, crocheting, furniture refinishing, Gymboree, the Children's Museum, Hermann Park, the JCC, . . .

I am owned by a beautiful cat named Squeaker, whom I rescued from the Humane Society in January 1997. She's a tortise shell tabby, and the friendliest cat you'll ever meet.

I am now the proud mommy of a beautiful boy - Jonathan. You can see his baby pictures online.

I am also a proud step-mother to an adorable 12 y.o., Steven, who lives in Irving, TX.

See our wedding page! Click here to see some great photos and find out how we planned our Houston wedding. Included: Information on a Jewish Ceremony, and a list of our service providors, many of whom don't exit anymore.  Coming eventually: a review of our belated Honeymoon at Walt Disney World!


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The truth is, now that I have a toddler running about, I don't spend much time online, except to check my email. Still, if you want to get to know me, take a look at a few of the things I have shown interest in over the years:

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