Melissa J. Marschall


I am associate professor of Political Science at Rice University, and from 2005-09, I was Master of Sid Richardson College. This year I am a Visiting Scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation in New York, where I am working on a book that examines immigrants and schooling. My research focuses on immigrant and minority incorporation, education policy, race and representation, and political behavior. I have taught courses on urban politics, public policy analysis, education policy, research design, and statistics.

About Me

Associate Professor

Dept. of Political Science MS-24

Rice University

P.O. Box 1892

Houston, TX 77251-1892

Office: 280 Baker Hall

Phone: (713) 348-2694

Fax: (713) 348-5273



Selected Publications

Marschall, Melissa, Anirudh V. S. Ruhil, and Paru R. Shah. 2010. “The New Racial Calculus: Electoral Institutions and Black Representation in Local Legislatures.” American Journal of Political Science 54 (1): 107-124 [link]. Supplementary Materials

Marschall, Melissa. “The Study of Local Election in American Politics.” 2010. In Oxford Handbook of American Elections and Political Behavior, ed. by Jan Leighley. Forthcoming Oxford University Press. [link to book jacket]

Shah, Paru and Melissa Marschall. 2010. “The Latino Student-Teacher Gap in Immigrant Gateways: Structural Constraints and Policy Solutions.” Chapter 5 in Politics of Latino Education, ed. by David Leal. New York: Teachers College Press.

Marschall, Melissa and Paru Shah. 2007. “The Attitudinal Effects of Minority Incorporation: Examining the Racial Dimensions of Trust in Urban America.” Urban Affairs Review 42 (May): 629-658. [link]

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Marschall, Melissa and Anirudh Ruhil. 2006. “The Pomp of Power: Black Mayoralties in Urban America.” Social Science Quarterly 87 (4): 828-50. [link]

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Marschall, Melissa. 2005. “Minority Incorporation and Local School Boards.” Chpt 8 In Besieged: School Boards and the Future of Education Politics, ed. by William Howell. Brookings Institution. [link to book]

Marschall, Melissa and Anirudh Ruhil. 2005. “Fiscal Effects of the Voter Initiative Reconsidered: Addressing Endogeneity.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly 5(4): 327-55; 364-72. [link]

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Schneider, Mark, Paul Teske and Melissa Marschall. 2000. Choosing Schools: Consumer Choice and the Quality of American Schools. Princeton University Press. Recipient of the Policy Studies Association, Aaron Wildavsky Award for Best Policy Book in 2000-2001. [link to book]

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