July 2013   Justin Yang (BS in Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech) joins the group

June 2013   Laura Segatori receives the Hamill Innovation Award with Junghae Suh (Rice BioE)

May 2013   Lauren wins the predoctoral fellowship fro the Nanobiology Interdisciplinary Graduate Training Program (NIGTP)

April 2013   Laura wins the NSF CAREER Award

April 2013   Kiri’s work is published on ACS Chemical Biology (pdf).

Feb 2013   Wensi’s paper is published on the cover of Human Molecular Genetics! (issue May 15 2013)

Feb 2013   Wensi’s work is published in Human Molecular Genetics (pdf).

January 2013   Lauren Popp and Yimeng Zeng join the group

April 2012   Claire and Matthew present their research at the Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium. Claire presentation was judged one of the top 20 natural sciences presentations (out of 115)!

April 2012   Marzia Savini joins the lab. She is a visiting researcher currently completing her Master in Biotechnology at the University of Bologna, Italy

Dec 2012   Our collaborative project with Dr Angel Marti lab is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (pdf).

March 2012   Fan’s collaborative effort with Jacques Mathieu is published in Biotechnology and Bioengineering (pdf)

December 2011   Fan’s research is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry and Biology (pdf)

December 2011   Laura receives the Collaborative Research Award from the Virginia L.E. Simmons Foundation with Marco Sardiello

November 2011   Laura receives the 2011 Medical Innovator Award with Marco Sardiello (Baylor)

August 2011   Alicia Capps, BioNetwork Program Summer Intern wins best poster award. Congrats Alicia!

June 2011   Fan’s Chemistry and Biology paper featured in Rice News

June 2011   Fan’s research is published in Chemistry and Biology (pdf)

February 2011   Fan’s research is published on ACS Chemical Biology (pdf)

January 2010   Wenting Zhao is admitted to the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate program and joins the group

January 2010   Wensi Song joins the group

August 2010   Laura receives the Medical Innovator Award with Dr. Kevin Morano (UTHSC)

Aug 10, 2009   Wenting Zhao joins the group. She is a visiting researcher from Zhejiang University, China (BS in Bioengineering)

August 3, 2009   Karen Lee, undergraduate biology major from UT Austin, wins the award for best poster of the NSF REU Program in Cellular Engineering.

July 15, 2009   Laura Segatori and Lisa Biswal receive the Hamill Innovation Award for their proposal titled “Engineering a nanomechanical sensor to translate protein conformations for disease detection”

April 10, 2009   Kiri Kirlpatrick receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Great job Kiri!!!

March 23, 2009   Giulia Agnello joins the lab. She is a visiting researcher working at her tesi di laurea. She is currently completing her senior year in Biotechnology at the University of Bologna, Italy

March 20, 2009   Ariel Diaz is admitted to the Biochemistry and Cell Biology Graduate Program at Rice University!

January 2009   Kiri Kilpatrick, Ahmed Kothawala, Melissa Luzardo, and Jinghui Wang join the group. Jinghui is coadvised with prof. Lisa Biswal.

October 01, 2008   Laura is in the Rice News

March 2008   Ariel Diaz becomes laboratory manager of our group!

January 2008   Fan Wang joins the group.