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CHEM 565 (Ultrafast Chemistry)

Description: Ultrafast Chemistry is about kinetic details of the very basic steps of chemical reactions, which occur at femto (10-15 second), pico (10-12) and nano(10-9) second time scales. The course is to introduce the background, general principles, and investigative tools of Ultrafast Chemistry. Emphasis is on ultrafast nonlinear optical spectroscopic tools and their applications.


CHEM 430 (Quantum Chemistry)

Description: The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a working knowledge of the basic concepts and mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics. Topics include the mathematics of quantum mechanics, one-dimensional problems, central field problems, the harmonic oscillator, angular momentum, perturbation, theory, spin, and introduction to methods of modern electronic structure theory, with applications in atomic and molecular structures, spectroscopy, and chemical bonding.

Material download:

1: sep22nd2011.ppt; 2: laplacian in spherical polar coordinates.pdf





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