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Research Areas

Seismic Vulnerability and Retrofit of Bridges Seismic Vulnerability and Retrofit of Bridges
One of the focuses of Dr. Padgett’s research has been on seismic vulnerability assessment of retrofitted bridges to support risk mitigation efforts for transportation networks. The objective of her work has been to establish a methodology for the development of retrofitted bridge fragility curves using a probabilistic framework. A multi-phase approach has been developed for evaluating retrofit strategies for bridge classes common to the Central and Eastern US (CSUS). This information is critical for decision-makers in this part of the country, where seismic retrofit resources are limited and must be invested wisely. The performance evaluation includes the development of high-fidelity three-dimensional nonlinear analytical models of bridges retrofit with a range of retrofit measures, and characterization of the response under seismic loading... Read More
Smart Materials for Protection of Bridges from Extreme Events Smart Materials for Protection of Bridges from Extreme Events
While the traditional bridge retrofit strategies may offer viable options for risk reduction, studies have revealed some of the potential limitations of current bridge rehabilitation methods and areas for future development of novel approaches. One potential approach is to capitalize on the unique properties of smart materials, namely shape memory alloys. These materials have the unique ability to undergo large deformations while reverting back to their original, undeformed shape upon unloading... Read More
Coastal Bridge Vulnerability Coastal Bridge Vulnerability
The potential devastating impact of hurricanes and storm surge events on the performance of bridges was exhibited during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Padgett and colleagues conducted a reconnaissance mission for the ASCE Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE) to investigate the bridge and transportation network performance following Hurricane Katrina. This investigation highlighted the typical failure modes stemming from impact, wind and water inundation, scour, and surge induced loading... Read More
Risk-Based Quantification of Infrastructure Sustainability Risk-Based Quantification of Infrastructure Sustainability
There are a range of threats to the sustainability of our built environment, ranging from hazards and climate change to aging of infrastructure to increasing population and urbanization. These physical threats may translate into undue negative consequences on the sustainability of our infrastructure systems, measured in terms of physical, economic, environmental, and social consequences... Read More
Seismic Risk Assessment Seismic Risk Assessment
Regional Seismic Risk Assessments are becoming a popular tool for evaluating the performance of transportation systems subjected to earthquake loading. Tools such as those Dr. Padgett has developed, including bridge fragility curves and damage-functionality relationships, have been incorporated within a transportation system modeling program to assess the regional seismic risk and performance of the transportation network in Charleston, SC. This project has involved multi-disciplinary collaboration, and coordination with regional practitioners... Read More



Grants and Sponsor Acknowledgements


Project Title Sponsor
Prioritizing and Selecting Bridge Management Actions for Heightened Truck Loads and Natural Hazards in Light of Funding Allocation Patterns National Science Foundation (CMMI-1234690)
Probabilistic Multi-Hazard Assessment of Dry Cask Structures (PI: Ayoub) Department of Energy (NEUP)
CAREER: A Risk-Based Model to Achieve Sustainable Solutions for Bridge Infrastructure Subjected to Multiple Threats National Science Foundation (CMMI-1055301)
NEESR-CR: Innovative Seismic Retrofits for Resilient Reinforced Concrete Buildings (PI: DesRoches) National Science Foundation (CMMI-1041607)
Hurricane Ike: Lessons Learned and Steps for the Future -- Phase II (PI: Bedient) Houston Endowment (SSPEED Center)
MRI-R2: Acquisition of Data Analysis and Visualization Cyber-Infrastructure for Computational Science and Engineering (PI: Levander) National Science Foundation (OCI-0959097)
IDEA: Shape Memory Alloy Enhanced SMART Bridge Expansion Joints NCHRP/National Academy of Science (NCHRP-147)


Project Title Sponsor
Lifeline Sustainability: A Comprehensive Coastal Flood Warning and Evacuation System (PI: Bedient) Shell Center for Sustainability
ARRA/NSF: IT-Enabled Continuous Risk Assessment of Bridge Networks for Customized and Actionable Multi-Hazard Interventions National Science Foundation (CMMI-0928493)
Hurricane Ike: Lessons Learned and Steps for the Future (PI: Bedient) Houston Endowment (SSPEED Center)
Feasibility Studies for Improving Caltrans Fragility Relationships (PI: DesRoches) California Department of Transportation
Infrastructure Development for Advanced Nanocomposites (PI: Barrera) UTC/Air Force Research Lab
Large Scale Validationo f Innovative SMA Recentering Devices for Multi-Span Bridges (PI: DesRoches) National Science Foundation (CMMI-0526889)